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Jazz and the Arts

CJRT-FM called by JAZZ.FM91 is a Jazz radio station from Toronto, Ontario.

JAZZ.FM91 aims to enrich the audience with great quality and educational programs.

This station is an all-jazz format within a non-profit, educational context. If you’re a jazz lover and want to listen to a great jazz music selection and at the same time learn more about the topic, JAZZ.FM91 is the radio station to listen to.

Main Programs
  • Midday Jazz
  • Afternoon Drive
  • Dinner Jazz
  • My Kinda Jazz
  • Joe’s Jazz
  • Jazzology
Main DJs
  • Ross Porter
  • Garvia Bailey
  • Terry McElligott
  • Brad Barker
  • John Devenish
  • Heather Bambrick
Luokat:  Jazz

Taajuudet CJRT-FM - JAZZ.FM91

Toronto: 91.1 FM

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Viimeiset 7 päivää:

1. SaraoMusic - Walk with Us

2. パット・メセニー・グループ - Last Train Home

3. Jonny May - Happy Birthday

4. Alison Young - So Here We Are

5. Snarky Puppy - Bad Kids to the Back

6. Laila Biali - Revival

7. Slackjaw - You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To

8. Nina Simone - I Want a Little Sugar In My Bowl

9. Daniel Barnes - Five O'Clock Shadow

10. Miles Davis - So What

Viimeiset 30 päivää:

1. SaraoMusic - Walk with Us

2. Sababaman - Mostly Blues

3. Jonny May - Happy Birthday

4. Snarky Puppy - Bad Kids to the Back

5. Avenue Blue - Seventh Heaven (feat. Jeff Golub)

6. Tony Bennett - Life Is A Song

7. Nostalgia Big Band Ensemble - Uptown Jump

8. Christopher Hajian - Get On the Funk Bus

9. パット・メセニー・グループ - Last Train Home

10. Donald Fagen - The Nightfly

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