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Nick Young

Each episode we bring you music to enhance your meditation practice. All music is created by Nick Young. Nick is the founder of the improvisational space jazz group known as BombayRain. Check out BombayRain's latest album on all streaming services: Move Into Bliss Visit the BombayRain website Contact Nick Young:

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Slow down time and align with the cosmic flow of energy. Breathe deeply, close your eyes, and melt into the fabric of deep reality. Explore your consciousness on a deeper level. Leave language behind and walk through the door of spirit.

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  • 32 - Deep Time With Sitar & Bamboo Flute 
    Mon, 22 Jan 2024 - 0h
  • 31 - Sitar Serenity: Bamboo Dreamscape 
    Thu, 04 Jan 2024 - 0h
  • 30 - Bamboo Flute & Sitar Openness 
    Thu, 28 Dec 2023 - 0h
  • 29 - Bamboo Flute And The Timeless Oneness Of All things 
    Thu, 21 Dec 2023 - 0h
  • 28 - Breath of Acceptance: A Guided Meditation with Cello and Bamboo Flute 
    Tue, 10 Oct 2023 - 0h
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